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Our goal is to help you as you study God's Word.

We are beginning in the book of 1st John.  As we study this book, it will give us insight to our faith and fellowship with Christ.  Below are resources you can use to help you in your daily study.

I recommend the following items to help you in your study of the Bible.

1. A good Bible translation – I recommend ESV or KJV. However in my personal study, I will use several translations.
2. A good Bible commentary – I prefer the older commentaries like Albert Barnes, Matthew Henry, Adam Clarke, JFB, etc. You can find these online for free.
3. Notebook and pen to jot down insights, specific verses, questions, etc.
4. If you mark in your Bible, then highlighters, etc.
5. Bible apps for your tablet or phone. There are several free apps and some paid apps. I prefer E-sword because of its low price. I also use Accordance but its price is higher.
6. A quiet place to read and pray.
7. Begin each Bible readings session with a prayer asking the Lord to open your heart to see His Word.

Our Resources

Bible Translations

I recommend only versions which are translations, not paraphrases.

King James Version – KJV

English Standard Version – ESV

New International Version – NIV

New American Standard Version – NASB

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