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Best looking cat in the Hudson house


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We have been invaded by a little intruder that Kristin has brought home. What a tragedy to take a happy home and turn it upside down. Everything was going so good. I was in control. I was the cute one. I was living on cloud nine enjoying the fruits of my labor of exercising my charm, wit, and sparkling personality. But, no, they had to go and mess everything up. They had to bring an addition to the family. Well, as of now, I am not accepting him and nor will I post a picture of him. It will be of me. I am still the king of this house.

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Why is it when you want to be left alone, no one leaves you alone? Here I am minding my own business and Michael keeps taking out his camera and taking pictures. Enough is enough. I am tired. I worked hard all day managing this house, patrolling the perimeter, and trying to keep up my image. Now, all I want to do is rest. But, no, I have to look right even when I am trying to sleep. Does it never end! Oh well, I guess when you look this good it just part of it.


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boots-in-closet-2011-06-3-13-15.jpgWhere do you go when the yapper shows up? To the back of the closet, where there is peace and quiet. I just do not understand someone who wants to talk all the time. He needs to learn to enjoy the peace and quiet but he is a dog and you know how they are, too sociable for me. Oh well, maybe he won’t find me in here.


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Every so often, you come across a picture that someone has taken without permission. And, this is one of them. After a long hard day, Michael and I are sound asleep on the couch and someone starts taking pictures (who does that remind you of). Well, all I can say is, “Diet”. Both of us needs to go on a diet or maybe it is just the way we are laying on the couch. Yes, that’s it. Because I do not want to give up my treats!

Yes finally they saw the light. Several months ago, I wrote an article on how to get kicked out of bed. It was a very difficult when Pat refused to let me have my bird that made noise in the bed at 2AM. So, I wrote a blog about it and it hit number 2. Now, today, it is number 1 out of approximately5,680,000 results. Nothing like being number 1 in the house, oh I meant on Google.

Yes, if you look hard, you will see me covered up in a blanket. It is cold in Palatka. Glad that I am inside and Rebel is outside.

Almost in Trouble

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boots tree

I have not written in a while because everything has been hectic around the house. You know how it is at Christmas time. All the decorating and trying to figure out what Pat and Michael are going to get everyone for Christmas. So, with all of this going on, I decided to find a quiet place and stay out of the way. Of course, it was the wrong place. But, you be the judge yourself.

Left Behind

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I know that there are limitations to what I can do but when fish is involved, I ought to be involved. Michael and Charlie went fishing today, came home smelling like fish, and did not bring me a thing. If I cannot go, atleast bring me some sushi.


I hate to mention this but there is no privacy or respect for someone who works as hard as I do and have this done to him. Michael was filming today and decided to put this before the entire world what I do after a hard morning of watching the world go by. Please inform him that there is such a thing as respect or at least privacy.


Against my better judgment, I decided to post the hideous face. I apologize if anyone has flashbacks or nightmares from seeing such a sight. It was not easy to walk in and take the picture. Luckily, I was able to use the telephoto lense so I did not have to get too close to it. So, here is the link to it. Click on it at your own risk! Remember this was being worn at the time!
Link (warning graphic content): http://mkhudson.com/ugly.html

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