About Us

Name: Michael & Pat Hudson
Age: Better left unsaid
My College: Troy State University (Go Trojans)
Major: Biology
Her College: Bob Jones University
Major: Elementary Education


My Ministries:

1981 - 1985 - Science teacher - Independent Methodist School, Mobile, AL
1983 - 2006 - Pastor - Eastern Shore Wesley Bible Church - Montrose, Al
2007 - Present - Senior Pastor - Christ Independent Methodist Church, Palatka, FL - www.cimc.org



Kristin, Michael Jr. and Renee.

This is a picture of Renee. I do not know what she is pouting about.

This was our first house. Kristin was just a few months old in this picture.


29 years ago - We have changed!

Pat and Me

This is a picture of Pat and me at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania when we were dating. It was the Christmas that I asked her father if I could marry her. Mr. Treakle's response was classic, "We let her make her own decision on this." I am so glad that he did not run me off. Now, he is in heaven with Jesus Christ. What a blessing he was to our family.

Twenty nine years later, Pat and I can look back and say that God truly has blessed us. We were both brought up in a Christian home where our parents did not ask if we wanted to go to church, you just knew that when the worship service was starting, you would be there. This is how we raised (reared according to Pat) our three children.



Our Heritage

Here is a picture of my grandparents, Paul and Effie Hudson. Grandma bought me my first Thompson Chain Bible that I still read and study out of today.