My Sermons

Here is a series of sermons that I have preached over the years. My sermons come from a variety of sources. The major source is from my father, Johnny Hudson, who pastored for many years. The following messages, graphics, notes, and other materials are copyrighted by me unless otherwise noted.

God's Goodness

God has so richly blessed us over the years and all we can do is praise Him for His goodness, mercy, and grace. The greatest gift of all is Jesus Christ, the Son of God.



Disclaimer: Please note that Solomon was right when he stated that there was nothing new under the sun. There will be similarities between my sermons and others. I have prepared and preached sermons only to later hear someone else preach a very similar message. The key is that Jesus Christ is proclaimed as the savior and the Gospel preached to a lost and dying world. I have read a multitude of sermons over the years from a variety of different preachers. The greatest influence on my sermons comes from my father, Johnny R. Hudson who was a pastor for over 50 years. I thank and praise God for my parents who instilled their faith for the Lord Jesus Christ in my life

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